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Meet the Team

Small Animal Vets

Our vets and nurses are supported by a large team of dedicated office staff.  Their photographs can be seen on our main team page.

  • Ms Kate Evans

    Kate Evans

  • Ms Hannah Holliday

    Hannah Holliday

  • Ms Jo Curley

    Jo Curley

Nursing Team

  • Mrs Helen Michael

    Helen Michael

  • Ms Annika Thomas

    Annika Thomas

  • Mrs Louise Kirby

    Louise Kirby

  • Ms Rachel Philip

    Rachel Philip

  • Ms Cheri Stephens

    Cheri Stephens

  • Ms Lauren Mortimer

    Lauren Mortimer

  • Miss Ema Davies

    Ema Davies

  • Miss Michaela Wade

    Michaela Wade

  • Miss Tracey Cullen

    Tracey Cullen

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