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Veterinary Premium Joint Supplement and Veterinary Glucosamine

Market Halls Joint supplements contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Boswelia. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are essential in the maintenance of joint cartilage and tendons and ligaments as well as the production of healthy joint fluid. Boswelia is a natural anti-inflammatory and is beneficial in joints with existing disease.Healthy joints are a vital component to any equine athlete and daily supplementation with these products can keep your horse active for longer. 



Veterinary Equine Haemo Tonic

Veterinary Equine Haemo Tonic is an Iron, B-complex and Cobalt enriched syrup on a sorbitol base. Competition horses require additional supplementation to enhance Red Blood Cell formation and therefore maximise performance; Haemo Tonic provides all the supplements your horse needs to become a successful athlete. 


Veterinary Probiotic

Market Hall Probiotic is a nutritional supplement promoting digestive health. Probiotics contain naturally occurring lactic-acid producing bacteria which encourage the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your horses’ digestive system. Probiotics are beneficial at times of stress when the levels of acidity can change in your horses’ GI tract; this allows the ‘bad’ bacteria to dominate. Using the Market Hall Probiotic after illness, during a change in routine or during the stressful competition season can help keep your horses’ GI tract settled. 


Veterinary Electrolyte Extra

A complementary feedstuff for horses to replace lost electrolytes during heavy exercise. A feed containing additional electrolytes the morning of a competition can minimise losses during the day with another feed at night replacing and additional losses. Supplementing electrolytes can also reduce recovery time after a competition or a hard days riding allowing full work to ensue the following day; ideal for the 3 day eventer!



Nutramed is a 100% natural product which has been specifically formulated to support the animals natural systems that control inflammation and provide multi modal support for joints, soft tissues and liver function as part of a customised plan for your horse.

nutramed supplementation is particularly useful for elderly horses with poor tolerance to NSAIDS who have multiple health issues, eg raised liver enzymes and arthritis.

nutramed can help:

Animal that struggle to tolerate NSAIDS

Elderly pets with multiple health issues

Support the later stages of Osteoarthritis

Healthy Liver function

A tonic for active horses

Support Pancreatitis


Nutramed contains

Boswellia Extract (Boswellic Acids) - is a plant extract that supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes. It plays an important role in maintaining smooth and comfortable joint movement. It is used to support conventional drugs but does not cause the damage to cartilage that many anti-inflammatories do. Its use has yielded impressive research results.

Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin) - which recent studies have shown to moderate the pro-inflammatory cascade aswell as having a beneficial effect in improving liver function.

Pine Bark Extract (Proanthocyanidins) - is a powerful antioxidant which also supports the animal’s natural systems that control inflammation to help with knocks, sprains or post operative recovery.




Nutrahoof helps to support healthy hoof formation which reduces problems such as cracked or brittle hooves. The unique formula contains very high levels of Biotin and other natural ingredients which boost hoof keratinisation and minimise inflammation. This high strength formula aids healthy hoof growth and structure.

Nutrahoof contains

Biotin - Biotin is a Vitamin B coenzyme involved in two major keratinisation processes within the epidermal cells of the hoof. Keratinisation is vital for hoof elasticity and high tensile strength. Signs of Biotin deficiency include inflammation and hoof cracks. Biotin supplemented at supra-optimal levels produced a +15% higher midline growth, which results in the faster growing out of a lesion. If a horse requires Biotin it is recommended they stay on it for life to maintain improved hoof condition.

Echinacea purpurea - A traditional herb also known as the Purple Cone Flower has been used for centuries to improve immunity. Echinacea also has significant antioxidant properties which reduce inflammation. Equine experiments have shown an increase blood lymphocyte and red blood cell numbers so it can be thought of as a blood tonic for horses prone to abscesses or bruises from hooves that are weak and brittle.

Methionine - Methionine is a important amino acid and a source of sulphur that is an important building block of healthy connective tissues, such as collagen and keratin

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a vitamin which helps slow cellular aging. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation and accelerates hoof healing.

Zinc - Zinc helps to prevent the destruction of keratin and is involved in the health and integrity of the hoof. Studies on groups of horses with poor hoof horn quality have shown lower Zinc blood and hoof levels than those horses with normal feet. This may be due to individual Zinc absorption, metabolism, or retention abnormalities. We use two forms of Zinc including Zinc picinolate, which has better absorption properties for animals with impaired Zinc absorption or retention.


Horses are naturally fearful and flighty animals and can be subject to stress from many seasonal, environmental and human factors. Routine stressors can include, transport, contact with people, injury and competition. Horses exhibit anxiety and stress in a variety of ways which include, tail swishing, pawing, snorting, neighing, shaking, rearing and bucking.

nutracalm is specifically formulated to naturally calm anxious or excitable horses and to help reduce unwanted or unruly behaviour. nutracalm helps to normalise neurotransmitter activity and reduce mood swings, without the side effects associated with some drugs

Nutracalm contains

L-Theanine - is an amino acid component of Green Tea and is involved in Dopamine neurotransmitter function. It has been shown to induce relaxation and reduce nervousness

B Vitamins - helps to optimise the integrity and function of neurotransmitters within the brain.

Magnesium - it is thought that Magnesium deficiency magnifies anxiety producing a more excitable and spooky horse. Serotonin, the feel good brain neurotransmitter requires Magnesium for its production and function. In addition Magnesium is a digestive aid buffering stomach acidity in stressful situations.

L-Tryptophan - is a natural amino acid found in many proteins which is involved in the production of the hormone Serotonin and has been shown to help reduce aggression and stress.

Passiflora Incarnata - Commonly known as passion flower this extract has long been known for its ability to relax and reduce tension. Biochemical studies show that natural flavonoids are a key active ingredient and that Passiflora strengthens the effectiveness of GABA brain receptors which promote relaxation.

Nutraquin +

Nutraquin+ is a revolutionary product which naturally helps rebuild joint cartilage and restore joint health, it contains the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy joint function with the added advantages of Boswellia.Glucosamine and Chondroitin work synergistically to structurally supportcartilage and enrich synovial fluid synthesis. They are both major sources of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which help ameliorate the debilitating effects of Osteoarthritis. The addition of Boswellia extract supports the horse’s natural systems that control inflammation.

Nutraquin + contains

• Glucosamine HCL 5100mg (99% Pure) – the most concentrated form of Glucosamine which forms a building block for structural GAGs. Supplementation helps reduce soreness and improves joint function.

• Chondroitin Sulphate 2100mg (90% Pure) – in addition to being the major GAG needed in cartilage, dietary supplementation has been shown to increase the amounts of lubricating GAG in synovial fluid.

• Vitamin C (as ascorbate) 500mg – is a powerful antioxidant required to produce collagen. Collagen is the main supportive protein in cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

• Zinc Sulphate (as heptahydrate) 200mg – is important for healing in the body and is also required for the synthesis of collagen.

• Boswellia Ext 750mg – is a plant extract which plays an important role in maintaining smooth and comfortable joint movement while supporting the horse’s natural systems that control inflammation.




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