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Career Development

At Market Hall Vets we support motivated vets in a practical learning environment to become the best in their field of interest. We encourage our vets to keep up to date with advances in farm animal production and hold regular practice discussions and meetings to share ideas and build unity within our team. We always provide reliable backup to new vets so that they are able to learn and gain experience with the knowledge that help is always at hand.


We believe that by creating a supportive culture, new vets can realise their full potential and find their own niche within the practice. Our vets are encouraged to become consultants in farm animal production, offering proactive advice to clients, rather than just the firefighting role of the traditional farm vet.


The working environment at Market hall Vets is one of dedication and passion where everyone works together as a dynamic team to sustain a positive working atmosphere. We also aim to provide our vets with a good work/life balance so that everyone has the opportunity to recharge their batteries and maintain their focus on being the best in their field of interest.


To find out more about the practice and how we can help you develop your skills as a farm animal practitioner, please email David Staak at


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