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Experienced, caring and skilled veterinary professionals

Market Hall Vets has been at the heart of the local community for over 40 years. We are very proud to have stayed an independent practice, whose focus remains on the needs of our clients.

We have highly experienced and dedicated teams able to meet and excel in providing for you and your animals, whether they are your pets, horses or farm animals.

At Market Hall you will always receive a friendly welcome from people whose passion is caring for animals.

Equine team

Our vets and support team provide a comprehensive 1st opinion equine diagnostic and treatment service. We have a large and experienced team of professionals who provide a comprehensive range of equine services to ensure your horses are fit and healthy. We possess the latest diagnostic facilities to help determine the correct course of action with fast and accurate diagnosis.

Small animal team

Our small animal vets have the full backup and support of our veterinary nurses and modern diagnostic equipment. This enables them to provide a full and efficient service in-house. No matter what the situation you can guarantee our team will provide you with our full support, knowledge and understanding. We provide a 7 day a week service, with consult running from 8am to 7pm on weekdays and consults available during both Saturday and Sunday mornings, so you can see a vet when it is most convenient for you. In the event that you pet becomes ill we will be able to see  you all day, everyday in St Clears between the hours of 8-7pm weekdays and 8-6pm at weekends. We have also teamed up with Vets Now a dedicated out of hours emergency  service provide, so no matter what the time of the night you will always have an experienced vet available should you need them.

Farm animal team

Our farm vets philosophy is to follow a proactive approach to animal care. Our vets regularly have training on new methods and ideas and they are very keen to engage our farmers in open discussions. We regularly provide in houses training courses for our farmers which not only cover the basics but also any new hot topics. We also provide a highly efficient and professional emergency service, staffed by our own vets both during the day and night, which will meet all your requirements.

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Pet Health Plans

We offer health plans from just £11.50 for a cat, and £12.50 a dog, to offer you peace of mind for your beloved pet.

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40 Years of Experience

Our team consists of a widely respected group of proffessionals with countless years of experience to draw upon.

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We offer every essential vaccination to keep your pet healthy and free of disease.

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Friendly & Caring Team

We pride our selves on our friendly & caring service

What Makes Us Different?

We are one of the most respected veterinary practices in Carmarthenshire, with some of the most experienced vets and nurses providing complete medical care for your pets and animals. We are proud to remain an independent practice. Our large team spans across three different departments for pets, horses and farm animals respectively. We understand your pets are family and make sure they receive the full love and care they require before during and after treatment.

Modern Diagnostic Facilities

At Market Hall Vets we have an expanding range of facilities and equipment so that we can provide a high standard of care. These include: Digital Radiography, Ultrasound, In-House Blood Analyse, ECG, Blood Pressure Monitor, Microscopy and Endoscopy.

Independent Practice

In a world were veterinary practices are selling out to corporate companies, we are proud to have remained an independent practice. As such all the decisions about how the practice is run are made at a local level, by us and take into account the most important factor - the needs of our patients.

Pet Health Care

Our Pet Health Plan scheme enables you to provide your pet with a comprehensive preventative health care plan. So you know you have covered all the main basis. The plans provide significant savings on your pet preventative health care, and allows loyal clients to gain significant savings on other veterinary services and retail purchases within the practice.