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Bull Fertility Assessment

It is very important to make sure that your bull is fertile before he is introduced to your heifers or cows. A sub-fertile bull is worse than a completely infertile bull. Sub-fertile bulls that serve the occasional cow will mislead you into thinking that he is capable of getting your herd in calf.

Sub-fertile bulls will, however, only get a few cows in calf during the breeding season and result in a prolonged inter-calving period and severe economic losses for you, the farmer. An infertile bull that does not get any cows in calf is easier to recognise because all the cows will repeat after 3 weeks and then again at 6 weeks. This type of bull will also cause you economic losses and it is better to identify infertile bulls before the start of the breeding season.

At Market Hall Vets we are able assess a bull’s semen to ensure that he has an adequate volume of viable sperm to serve a herd of cows or heifers. The test is performed on farm in a crush using specialist equipment to obtain a semen sample from the bull. The semen sample is then examined under a microscope to assess the semen quality.

Please contact the surgery if you would like to have your bull tested for suitability for breeding.