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Veterinary Consultations

Consultations are provided at our main site 7 days a week and we are open till 7 pm on weekdays. Our Kilgetty branch is open Monday to Friday. Appointments at both sites last for 10-15 minutes and are on an appointment basis.

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Diagnostic Facilities

At Market Hall Vets we have an expanding range of facilities and equipment so that we can provide a high standard of care. These include:

Digital Radiography

Our brand new digital radiography machine allows us to take x-rays with greater detail and definition enabling a more accurate diagnosis. It’s the different between an old box-shaped television and HD! The x-ray plates are processed faster, minimising anaesthetic or sedation time and so that in an emergency pictures are available quicker.

Dental Care

Just like when you go to the dentist, we at the vets have similar equipment so your pet came have the best of dental health. This includes an ultra sonic scaler and dental x-ray machine.


Our ultrasound machine is invaluable in examining the ‘soft tissues’ of the abdomen and the heart. It is frequently used to diagnose pregnancy or conditions such as pyometra and usually no sedation is required, reducing the stress for your animal.

In-House Blood Analyser

Having an analyser in the surgery, rather than having to post our bloods samples to a lab, allows us to obtain results from samples within minutes and act accordingly. Tests are available to check for haematology (blood cells) and biochemistry (which examines the function of internal organs).

Additional tests can check for specific problems such as thyroid disease, cushings disease, parvovirus and FeLV/FIV.


An ECG (Electrocardiogram) measures the electrical activity of the heart and is useful in investigations heart murmurs and arrhythmias. Pads or clips are attached to the animal’s skin to produce a trace which can be analysed in house or sent away for the opinion of a cardiologist.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Problems with the kidneys or heart can often lead to high blood pressure which most often affects the internal organs and eyes. Our pressure monitor allows us see if such a problem exists and provide treatment accordingly.


Our in-house microscope can zoom in up to 1000 times. We use it to examine blood smears, samples collected from lumps and on urine to check for crystals and possible bladder stones.


We have a range of scopes available which allow us to visualise the internal chambers of the nose, stomach and GI tract, and airways. Each scope contains a small camera allowing us to record and visualise the procedure upon a computer screen.