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Health Clinics

We offer a variety of health clinics including:

 Dental Clinic

Like humans, dogs and cats need regular dental care. If left untreated this can cause major problems with your pet’s health. There are many ways that you can provide care to your pet’s teeth. These include brushing, mouth rinse and dental chews. Finding the most effective and comfortable way for your pet is important. Research shows that 70-80% of adult dogs and cats have some sign of dental disease.

If you are unsure whether your pet has  dental disease why not arrange to come into our dental clinic.

Weight Clinic

Different stages of dogs and cats life have specific requirements and is important that they are fed a balanced correct form of food in order to meet their needs. Overfeeding or feeding the wrong diet will lead to obesity and  predispose them to  various diseases. Obesity is a common condition in pets with around 25-33% of dogs and 6-25% of cats all overweight. A study was carried out in a     veterinary practice in North Wales where the first 100 dogs were   assessed. Out of those 100 dogs, 68 were classed as obese.

If you are concerned about your pets weight why not arrange to come in to a weight clinic, where you will be helped to establish a feeding plan and given guidance and support in changing your pets routine.

 Senior Health Clinic

Pets are now living longer due to advances in veterinary medicine and nutrition and this has resulted in us now seeing more age related problems. As our pets reach their “golden years” it is more important to keep any eye on them for any subtle changes in their behaviour or physiology. For this reason Market Hall Vets have set up a “Senior Health Clinic” so that our nurses can carry out free health checks on your pet so that we can detect early age-related problems that may otherwise go unnoticed. We will advise you on what to look out for and how best to look after them.